Cirque-tacular Entertainment is a premiere New York City based acrobatic and specialty entertainment company. Through thousands of performances in the last ten years, their work has been enjoyed in over 70 countries, by millions live, in conjunction with the most recognized brands, venues, and arts organizations of our age. Injoy Entertainment currently represents: The Art of Circus, Snowkus Pocus, ExODDus, Cirque-tacular World, Spooktacular and the upcoming Victoria's Box of Secrets.

  Bad Boys of Ballet


Thrilling audiences around the world since 2008, choreographer Adrienne Canterna (Rock the Ballet, Romeo and Juliet) brings together the most incredible dancers in the USA to create an  original, exciting, and brilliantly entertaining show that exhibits versatility and skill that is currently unparalleled: BAD BOYS OF BALLET (with one HOT girl!). As semi finalists on AMERICA's GOT TALENT, the company is powerfully dynamic and features masterful choreography that fuses all of today's most popular dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, musical theater, ballet, hip-hop, martial arts, and gravity-defying acrobatics. BAD BOYS OF BALLET are ideal for classic dance lovers as well as younger generations eager to experience the energy of a music video in person. BAD BOYS BALLET gets audiences dancing in their seats and is perfect for exclusive one-night performances or extended runs by electrifying audiences with the hottest pop and rock music, mesmerizing technique, and world-class athleticism.

“An uplifting and thoroughly entertaining show which has clearly succeeded in appealing to a young audience"
- Whatsonstage

“The show has rightly been called ‘dazzling’, with sensational dancers throwing off enthusiastic, good-humored and unashamedly crowd-pleasing moves. In fact, they might equally be called comic actors, so accomplished are their nudge-wink self-deprecating super-sexiness. Agile, virile and good fun”

-The Stage
“The six men show off their most vaulting jumps and back flips, their most impressively slick pirouettes. It's exactly the shameless display the audience have paid to see, especially when it's served up with golden songs like Jailhouse Rock or Tainted Love."
- The Guardian

"Expectations are ballistic.... The Bad Boys are not grappling with concepts or scraping up a “new” dance language, they are out to have a whale of a good time in a style we can all recognize. They require nothing from us but to share it. What a relief, what high octane, and what talented dancers. The only female dancer, Adrienne Canterna is also the show’s choreographer so it is no surprise to see her blazing her way through the evening displaying her classical technique as well as an easy familiarity with today’s street inventiveness. It is all designed to give us a good time through Mankind’s natural instinct to move to music...Something for everyone."
-The Sunday Express ★★★★

Voca People




Full of energy and bursting with fun, this international hit features over 70 a cappella and beat box versions of the songs you and your whole family love, including favorites from Madonna, Queen and even Mozart! No instruments, no sound effects—just eight incredible talents breathing life into the greatest music on Earth!

This Award-Winning musical, theatrical spectacle (NYC 2012-Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Theatrical Experience) had a year-long run in NYC and enjoyed its first 35 city-wide first US Tour in 2013. Now the Voca People are back for their 2nd American Tour.

Audiences across USA from Houston to Florida to San Francisco could not get enough of the Voca People , giving the show standing ovations, encouraging 3-4 encores, calling the show "One of the best performances ever!" and demanding "Please bring them back!"

What began as an overnight YouTube sensation (with 50 million hits and counting!) is now a world-renowned show that has excited and delighted audiences in over 20 countries around the globe since 2009, from South America, to the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Now is the chance to take part and experience this ingenious, entertaining show LIVE.

Edinburgh Fringe 2014:

"A talented group of singers to set about a breathless series a capella takes …Actually, a capella doesn’t begin to cover it – with tremendous beat-boxing providing rhythm and momentum, it’s actually an eight-piece band where all the instruments happen to be vocals"
- Edinburgh evening news | Fringe 2014

“This is a slick, fast-paced show that propels you to a blood-pumping finish, and the three encores, roaring applause and standing ovation made clear the audience’s pleasure in the experience"
- Edinburgh Guide | Fringe 2014



The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe


Nevermore – The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a unique and wildly theatrical musical play combining haunting music, poetic storytelling, and stunning stagecraft to tell the fascinating and moving life story of iconic American writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849).

A literary rock star in his day, Poe struggled with tragedy and addiction, poverty and loss, yet produced some of the world’s most original, visionary and enduring literature before dying in unexplained circumstances at the age of 40. At once gorgeous and grotesque, Nevermore blurs the line between fact and fiction, exploring the events that shaped Poe’s character and career and giving powerful expression to Poe’s words “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Originally produced by Catalyst Theatre of Edmonton, Canada in 2009 to commemorate the bicentennial of Poe’s birth (January 19, 1809), Nevermore has toured extensively, playing acclaimed engagements throughout Canada and in London at the prestigious Barbican Center. The show’s engagement in 2010 at New Victory Theatre was greeted by wildly enthusiastic audiences and sold-out houses. Since its first New York appearance in 2010, Nevermore been expanded and revised, with several new songs added and structural changes made to the original script.

Nevermore is written, composed, and directed by Catalyst Theatre’s Artistic Director, Jonathan Christenson. The physical world of Nevermore – including sets, costumes, and lighting – is designed by Bretta Gerecke. The production features choreography by Laura Krewski, sound design by Wade Staples, and voice, speech and text direction by Betty Moulton.

Six of the seven original Canadian NEVERMORE cast members will return for this engagement – Gaelan Beatty, Shannon Blanchett, Beth Graham, Ryan Parker, Garett Ross, and Scott Shpeley. American actress Lindsie VanWinkle joins the Canadian cast to play the seventh principal role. The company understudies are Americans Jennifer Byrne, Stephen Cerf, and Rob Morrison.

Nevermore is produced by Radio Mouse Entertainment (M. Kilburg Reedy and Jason E. Grossman), Martin Hummel, Caiola Productions (Rose Caiola and Luigi Caiola), Terry Schnuck, Susan Jaffe Tane, Hernreich-Horvath Productions (Robert Hernreich and Holly Horvath), and Catalyst Theatre in association with Fireboat Productions (Gordon Stanley, Mary Cossette, and Meredith Lynsey Schade. The associate producers are Carol L. Bixler and Deepa Desai.

InJoy Entertainment, in collaboration with Vice President William Welles' New Goth City website, was brought onboard to manage "alternative lifestyle marketing" to reach out to the Goth and Steampunk communities and its members.

For more information visit: www.nevermoreshow.com


Xaviera Hollander's

The Happy Hooker



HAPPY HOOKER is a fun and sexy musical romp based on the bestselling 1971 memoir of Xaviera Hollander, New York's top Madam from 1969-72, how she got into the business, her rise, reign, and many exciting misadventures in the business of pleasure...with the cops and moralists always on her tail!

Click here for more information about this exciting and tantalizing project!



The Improvised Musical



SHOWSTOPPERS: The Improvised Musical, the 5 Star, award-winning smash hit show performing all over UK and at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2007, is finally available for the FIRST TIME EVER for touring in the North American Market. This utterly brilliant, fully improvised musical is written and performed on the spot from suggestions from the audience by the top West End Musical Theatre talents. The audience gets to suggest the title, theme, place, and genre or style for the new musical which is created before their very eyes. Every show is different and surprising, while also being flawless in execution, and so much fun!

SHOWSTOPPERS is perfect for week long runs, but also suitable for one-nighters. It can be completely family friendly or done as a deliciously naughty late night adult show. The cast is also available for workshops, Improv master classes, children's classes and outreach as part of the package.

“Having now seen Showstopper! twice, I can testify that not only is each performance achingly funny, it’s a genuinely new full-length musical every time. Top-class creativity in action. Worth seeing again and again.”
(Time Out London Critics’ Choice)

“An ingenious and engaging mix of improvisation and musical theatre. If you admired the Comedy Store Players for their ability to think on their feet, this bunch do it with the same verve and flair, but set to music. I was left open-mouthed. I can honestly say that I’d opt for this show’s wild, inventive energy over The Sound of Music any day.’’
(Lyn Gardner – The Guardian)

“Just SUBLIME… Consistently funny… This bunch are sharp. Anyone with a love for musicals or comedy should see this show and help create another classic.”
- Scotsman



Nina Kristofferson's
Billie Holiday Story

Starring Nina Kristofferson as Billie Holiday, this musical play is a brilliant cocktail of songs and stories from Billie Holiday’s life woven through the haunting memories that plagued her. The show takes you through the high’s and lows of Billie Holiday’s career punctuation each story with some of her greatest hits like God Bless The Child, Good Morning Heartache, Strange Fruit, Don’t Explain, All of Me and many more.

All Recent Reviews from 2011/2015: www.ninakristoffersonsbillieholidaystory.com/news 


  InJoy Entertainment Presents:
Andromeda Turre's KISS ME

"Dangerously attractive… soulful voice"
~New York Times

Kiss Me is the story of one woman's search for the last first kiss. Andromeda takes you on a journey around the world as she finds the love she needed within herself to be able to find the man who feels like home...while running into some interesting characters along the way!

With a sound that is a cross between Sting, Sade, Amel Larriuex, and Adele, Kiss Me is a collection of all original songs written and performed by the sexy songstress with her all-star band.


“I absolutely loved this show! It's funny, witty, and sexy all at the same time, and she has an incredible voice (I understand she's released several albums). Her songs are clever and catchy, and all her own-- you'll leave singing "you feel like my favourite sweater". Her story is honest and inspiring. It's the best Fringe show I've seen this year, by a long shot.”
-Anna Heimbichner

I thought Andromeda's show was really good. I loved the singing - great lyrics and music - and I thought the band was fantastic! Andromeda is a great story teller and she engaged with the audience throughout the performance. Will definitely recommend the show to others.”
- Graham Chadwick

“A wry and gently amusing journey through a young woman's checkered and romantic life - delivered with panache and a light comic touch by the talented singer and songwriter Andromeda Turre. Her lovely voice and warm rapport with her audience make for a perfect Fringe cabaret experience. An added delight for me was the slick and engaging band who were a perfect foil to her performance.”
- Patricia Ross *****

“Great show! Andromeda Turre is a truly talented singer/ songwriter and she worked really well with her superb band. The anecdotes were fun and the costumes fabulous. The songs, which I believe are all original compositions, were catchy as anything and the musicians on stage performed them with a great amount of showbiz flair! All in all it was a great night. 5 stars! “
- Greg Tamil *****

“A superb gem of a show …The audience was hooked by the drama of the love/hate nature of the story line and humour of the unfortunate real life situations. The temperature soared off the scale in the intimate cabaret bar with the multiple on stage costume changes. Any soul music fans out there in Edinburgh this show is a must! 5 Stars Andromeda Turre!”
- Ian Davies *****

Website: www.andromedaturre.com
Twitter: @AndromedaTurre
  666 DSM:
A Dark Comedy About Society, Sanity, & Spirituality


Written and Performed by Douglas de Souza, Directed by Cindy Sibilsky.

"A deeply-felt and virtuosic shout in the darkness." -John Cameron Mitchell (Creator/Director, Hedwig and the Angry Inch/Shortbus).

NYC Writer/Performer Douglas de Souza enacts 6 characters (An Artist, A Trickster, A Promoter, A Conspiracy Theorist, A Raver, A Seeker) with 6 different mental disorders inspired by the DSM (Bi-Polar, Nicotine/Alcohol Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Paranoid Personality, Hallucinogen Dependence, and Unknown). This darkly comedic show is a satire on how our society perceives mental "dis-orders," as well as the sanity (or lack thereof) in things both sacred and profane.

666 DSM just returns from a SOLD OUT run at 59E59 Theatres in NYC and was a hit with audiences and critics alike at the EDINBURGH FRINGE 2014.


“It’s a further cliché to describe a show as a revelation but this truly was. Great performances, like great books, change our perceptions and raise for us questions about the truths we have accepted for ourselves in the past.”

“The multimedia aspects were the most professional, integrated and polished I’ve seen at the Fringe yet. This piece is so layered and complex that it’s unbelievable.”

“…this show is so astonishing all due to the wit, talent and audacity of the actor/writer. The questions I am left with for myself are these -Whose viewpoint have I never shared because I dismissed them? Whose gifts have I remained unaware of because they seemed too odd for me to risk connection with?

What lessons will you take away with you?” 
– ScotsGay Magazine

“This is a piece of theatre with a voice and a powerful message; in a world where governments make seem to be more and more paranoid about the behaviour of their citizens, snooping and attempting greater control, what is wrong with humans being paranoid also. By labeling people as mentally ill may we be hindering the advancement and growth of consciousness?”

“The director Cindy Sibilsky makes excellent use of projections and a pumping soundtrack (Public Enemy, Underworld, Biggy Small etc.) to add to the excellent character acting of De Souza. Intelligent, thought provoking and current, 666DSM is something all psychologists and those with the power to pass judgment on people capacities should see and reflect upon. If we don’t it won’t be too long before we’re all in the book.”
– The Mumble

“Aided by impressively thorough costume and character changes, his solo show cycles through a wheezing elderly dropout seemingly straight out of Woodstock, who proudly grunts that he’s “tryin’ to quit quittin’”; a boisterous, cocaine-fuelled Russian music promoter in New York and a hipster extolling 9/11 conspiracy theories.…de Souza‘s ability as a creator and channeller of well-conceived characters is pronounced, and each of these reprobates circling the drain of the counterculture is brought to life with effervescent charm and depth, not least the brilliantly watchable raver in a bumbag extolling the club lifestyle with a passion he doesn’t quite realize is recycled.”
The Scotsman
In Vogue


After sell-out seasons in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, ‘In Vogue – Songs By
Madonna’ sees Griffiths embody Madge at the piano and use the Queen of Pop’s back
catalogue to take the audience on a journey through her life. Written and directed by Dean Bryant (Prodigal, Liza on an E, Britney Spears: The Cabaret), the show features 35 song references and 12 Madonna songs. Jersey Boys star and Madonna fanatic Michael Griffiths is transforming himself into the Material Girl for his one man cabaret show at the Edinburgh Festival once more after the sell out success of last year’s show when he dipped his toe in the water for 5 dates. He also performed a week-long London run at the St. James Theatre in December. This time the show returned to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 for a full stint at the Assembly Checkpoint.

Next stop is NYC!

“It is an intimate affair underscored by a wickedly camp bitchiness that delights”

“This is a borderline religious experience”

"He kept the audience engaged through a flurry of laughter, awe and all round

“Griffiths will have you believing that he is the highly materialistic Material Girl...it's wry, its camp, and
it’s exceedingly funny. It also features some exquisite piano arrangements...all enhanced by JERSEY
BOYS star Griffiths' mellifluous vocals”

“I saw one man bring an entire world to life with just a piano, a stool and his genius”

Edinburgh Fringe Reviews 2014:






Celebrating the Music of Tom Waits




Innocent When You Dream performs the music of the iconic American songwriter and storyteller, Tom Waits. The ensemble interprets Waits' stylistically diverse repertoire by creating unique instrumental versions of some of his most memorable songs. Using lyrical content and mood as the starting point for music exploration, the band moves beyond the realm of covers creating a distinctive sound that draws from Jazz World music and the avant-garde.

Leading the band are Aaron Shragge - Dragon Mouth Trumpet/Shakuhachi, and Jonathan Lindhorst - Tenor Sax. Various US and International artists have played with the band (often local musicians from the city where they are performing) over the years creating a unique improvisational spirit to the well-known music.

Innocent When You Dream has performed in L.A (album release), Montreal, Toronto, and a 10 month residency in New York City from 2012-2013. Currently available for US and UK/European touring and performance opportunities.

Click here to download the press kit and full CD.

All information, press kit, video and audio sampling can be found here: www.aaronshragge.com/themusicoftomwaits

Aaron Shragge, Trumpet, Shakuhatchi flute, Musical composition, and recording artist

For further information and inquires, please feel free to contact
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